A development-stage biotechnology company with offices in the United States and Canada.

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A/F Protein Inc. - the parent company- is located in Waltham, MA, USA (Corporate Management).

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A/F Protein Canada Inc. -wholly-owned subsidiary- is located in Newfoundland, Canada (Manufacturing, R & D).

The Company's MISSION is:

To develop the use of antifreeze proteins for the control of cold-induced damage in medical, food, and cosmetic products.

A/F Protein Inc. is the world's only commercial producer of antifreeze proteins purified from natural sources for sale to the research and development community.

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Key Contacts at A/F Protein Inc. SALES Contacts at A/F Protein Inc.
Mr. Elliot Entis: CEO
Phone: (781)899-6100
Fax: (781)899-6103
Mr. Elliot Entis
email: elliotentis@gmail.com